Become a part of the SOH success story! Expand the listing in your studio or start as an independent contractor. Become one of the few SOH specialists in the field of optical hair soil compaction. About 60% of the population is looking for a simple method to hide thinning hair, bald spots, or scar tissue with “stripes” in the skin. You will increasingly see so-called “caps” or “ball-caps” on the road, including mostly hiding a balding scalp. Men are not the only ones who suffer, women are affected by this situation as well, especially people’s self-confidence and self-esteem. Take the opportunity to come up with a reliable partner and a perfect studio – to make independent concept with innovative, up-to state of the art equipment in the beauty industry.


Become a successful partner for Austria. Scalp Hair Optic offers for Austria 30 times the possibility of a “SOH Studio” or to open “B2B Shop”. You get the opportunity to practice your creativity and your dream of without worrying about design, marketing, graphic design, advertising or shopping. Because we take care of it!

How do you get your business license? Of course we support here from the outset to the application. Austria is one of the most strictly regulated countries in the EU. The Federal Law Gazette §139 & §141 governs these provisions. Of course, we adhere to these rules and you will learn in respect of graduate education, as well as the medical seminar, taught at the Austrian Federal Law Gazette. If you already have a permanent makeup industry or have applied for cosmetics bill before 2003, a different rule applies. Of course you will get an individual free consultation.

The business license for the exercise in your studio is called “cosmetic limited to optical hair soil compaction”. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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Germany & International

Unlike Austria, in Germany there is no federal law gazette. A medical conference in this diversity is here not needed. From your professional trainer, you will learn not only important in theory and practice, but go our professionals on the basic themes of medicine.

In order to understand the body, you should know the background. Also you can learn the training International, get in touch with us, we like to train in Germany or Austria or come to you in your studio.

Since International the conditions for a commercial are different, we ask you to check with your agency / magistrate advance. Again, the business license called “cosmetics limited to optical hair soil compaction”.

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