FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How does a Scalp Optic Hair® treatment work?

  • All details of the treatment options are discussed at a consultation.
  • Clarification of any contraindications will be communicated.
  • The desired color will be selected.
  • Every bald-SOH-treatment, the exact and individual form is discussed in detail and possibly reconfigured.

How to treat?

SOH Beratungsgespräch

After a detailed consultation, the proposed site will be disinfected. It is a type-specific color with the customer/the customer selected together so that the result corresponds to the individual desire.

The color will be introduced with the particular Scalp Optic Hair® Roller. The result of the treatment is directly after very discreet. After a few hours it darkens a little and looks like small Micro hair roots. Following it will be again disinfected and applied a special Aloe Vera gel to soothe the skin.

The advantage to the classical permanent makeup technique (here each follicle will be individually engraved) is that the temporal treatment effort with the SOH® method is a multiple and the treatment is also significantly less painful.

The result after SOH® method looks much different than is achievable with the classic permanent makeup technique.


Is there a preparation for the treatment?

Is there a preparation for the treatment?

All that is required is hair wash with our recommended shampoo. If the desire of shampooing be present directly after the meeting, we recommend a minimum of 24 – to wait 48 hours before you wash your hair with the attached counseling from our special shampoo. A beautiful end result will be usually achieved in two to three treatment units one month apart. The new head of hair will usually stay for several years and can be refreshed again if wanted.

Is everyone for Scalp Optic Hair® treatment suitable?

Normally yes! From the age of 16 (with parental consent), anyone can undergo the treatment. However, there are country-specific different rules. In Austria, for example, the laws in this regard are regulated much more strictly than in other countries. No medications like blood thinners, warfarin or antibiotics may be used at the time of treatment. The best treatment success can be ensured if you feel fit and healthy at the time of treatment.

What are the benefits of these treatments for alternative hair transplant?

What are the benefits of these treatments for alternative hair transplant?

Scalp Optic Hair Muenchen Behandlung

No anesthetic is required and the treatment is limited to each active session. After treatment you can pursue the normal activities immediately and have no restrictions on the dressing or plaster. Apart from the scalp Optic Hair® treatment is still a lot cheaper than a hair transplant.

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