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Here we would like to cite some example product reviews.

New Lifestyle

Philip F.: New Lifestyle

After the first treatment I saw no big change, but after a few days I was convinced of the opposite. The color after the treatment was always stronger and after a few treatments my head was worth watching. I will replace the cap through joy and self-confidence. Thank you for the wonderful care. I can with best conscience recommend Scalp Optic Hair!

Philip F.

My hair grows

Beatrice A.: My hair grows

I did not believe it, but it made me curious, and after the first session, I knew I would carry out the complete treatment. Lo and behold – after a few weeks I had not only the perfect result, my own hair grew through the so-called stimulation again. My personal miracle.

Beatrice A.

Top care

Nelu N.: Top care

Since the treatment my hair got fuller. Acquaintances and relatives are enthusiastic and have already registered for the next available dates. The follow-up is very important, and I feel like I am in very good hands.

Nelu N.

Thank you very much

Ursula W.: Thank you very much

I want to thank you for the professional advice and especially treatment. Already after the first treatment results were visible and after a total of 3 sessions my dream came true. Thank you for this great new way of life!

Ursula W.

No more cap needed!

Thomas F.: No more cap needed!

The Scalp Optic Hair treatment has given me new confidence. Finally I don’t have to hide the back of my head and I feel young and attractive even without a cap on my head!

Thomas F.

Have always wanted...

C.H.: Have always wanted...

I was always looking for such a treatment! Just great! I look at least 10 years younger now.


Jealousy is the best compliment

H.S.: Jealousy is the best compliment

I will be envied from all sides. Of course, I’ll tell it to anyone that I am proud of my new life, because there is no longer going back and forth to the bathroom to hide the holes and bald spots. This is as good as it gets.